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hairuzamu Kurikoma

hairuzamu Kurikoma
The hot spring accommodations boasting excellent hot water which it is in foot, 650m above sea level of Mount Kurikoma and looks at seasonal taste, and the breast of beautiful mountain Mount Kurikoma breeds in. It is the healthy increase facility of the stay type that adds the attraction pool, and is fully equipped with a running water pool and a sauna, a cottage.
hairuzamu Kurikoma
The calm Japanese-style room where warmth and the smell of fresh timbe of the tatami mat are fragrant
Though it is stayed in a family and a group, it is recommended
As for the guest room type, there are 13 Japanese-style rooms, two types of 15 maisonette Japanese-Western style rooms (one house barrier-free correspondence).

Specialty meal of the local production for local consumption

The meal which used heap of Chisan seafood selected carefully abundantly
I prepare.
The dish which seasonal taste weaves changes color every change of the season.
I hope that you can enjoy seasonal hospitality heartily.

It is recommended in the ranch

There is [suddenly a juice Japanese yam set set meal] of [char bowl] and the Kurihara native district meal of kurikomakoeimeibutsu.
Fritter bowl of the hairuzamu Kurikoma original char
I set juice and a Japanese yam suddenly
Beef curry (September 2, 2020 ...) of seasonal vegetables
Other than corn and paprika, rare vegetables called romanesuko native to Italy are varied.
The char bowl is the feature that the bowl of the char of each store original of kurikomakoeijiku can enjoy.

Forest of the cottage beech

It is a kitchen, living, the modern structure of the log terrace on a bedroom, the second floor on the first floor.
Light pours from an expensive window full.
At a sound of the wind to go through field birdsong and trees, time passing gently, it is a right private villa of all ridge 2 stories.
Please spend favorite pleasure in a family and friends.

An outdoor bath and family bath

Bath set in the cave "hot water of the star" 
Bath set in the cave "hot water of the star"
Cypress bath "hot water of the month"
Cypress bath "hot water of the month"
Bath set in the cave "hot water of the star" 
There was the old history of 380 years and, in a knee of Mount Kurikoma where the national cultural flavor as the sacred mountain remained, has been got close to many bathers.
The inside bath with two vaunted outdoor baths with the feeling of freedom among trees and high temperature and low temperature bathtub.
Warm the core of the body deeply; per hot water quench skin softly.
Except cleaning time, it is available for approximately 24 hours.
The source in the middle of a mountain climbing road of Mount Kurikoma 570m above sea level [hot water of kurikoma hot-spring village Komagata]
The spring quality [sodium, salt water hypotonicity alkaline high temperature spring sulfate]
I dampen arteriosclerosis, a cut, chronic dermatosis, neuralgia, authority of muscle arthralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, the exercise paralysis, tightening, the bruise of the muscle and am effective for chronic digestive organ disease, poor circulation, relieving fatigue, a healthy increase.
Attraction pool
I am fully equipped with eight kinds of attraction pools and low temperature sauna.
The periodical health program lesson by the Japanese running water care instruction person is held.

One-day bathing list of charges

 The use time      Rate     Facilities          Remarks
 10:00 ...
 Daily ticket
  Adult/850 yen
  Dwarf/650 yen
 Evening ticket (15:00 ...)
  Adult/650 yen
  Dwarf/550 yen
 Hot spring, pool  ・I include bath tax, a consumption tax
 ・Rental fee (swimsuits)
  This is not included
   Kurikomakogen hot-spring village hairuzamu Kurikoma
 Address  Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Kurikoma Ko Numakura British east 50-1
 Access  It is approximately 50 minutes from Tohoku Expressway Wakayagi Kanari IC
 It is approximately 60 minutes by car from Tohoku Shinkansen Kurikoma-Kogen Station
 (when you stay, I take you to and from. Please talk.)
 Telephone  0228-43-4100
 FAX  0228-43-4001
 E-mail  mail@eeonsen .com
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