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Shinyu Onsen kurikoma-so

Shinyu Onsen kurikoma Zhuang
Indoor bath
Outdoor bath
One of ... Kurikoma five hot water - unexplored hot spring [Shinyu Onsen]
It is a hot-spring hotel considered to be "fantastic hot water" of the among the mountains among the beech forest located to 600m above sea level.
It is done open hot water in 1720, and "fantastic hot water" and unexplored hot spring where it has been said, "Shinyu Onsen" revive by kurikoma Zhuang in Kurikoma five hot water and reproduce it as "Shinyu Onsen kurikoma Zhuang". The body sinks into a heart the hot water which exceeds for a little less than 300 years, and drifts conspicuously while the source being located in the course starting point of a mountain climb taking the back of Mount Kurikoma, and being known when I healed the fatigue of the worship mountaineer from old days, and having a fragrance of faint sulfur.
It is a secret hot spring inn continuing with the gravity-feed irrigation of 100% of sources and Japanese old hot spring cure culture.

The spring quality in [sulfurous spring - calcium - sulfate spring (sulfuration hydrogen form)] a hypotonicity subacidity low temperature spring (old sulfurous spring).
I am known for a spring quality to be said to be effective in arteriosclerosis, a cut, a burn, chronic dermatopathia, chronic woman's illness, high blood pressure as excellent hot water of diabetes in particular.
It is got close for a long time as hot springs such as a base of summering and the mountain climbing, the long-term medical treatment. Other than an inside bath, there are the all-cypress outdoor bath, chartered open-air bath.

Specifically, please see this. html
One-day bathing rate
   Use time      Bathing rate               Break
  From 10:00 to 15:00   Adult / 500 yen
  Dwarf / 300 yen
 Hall (944 yen/)
 Private room (in the case of one person from 3,400 yen /2 use)
※Please bring the towels. Bath towel rental 200 yen
※About the outdoor bath, it may not be available by weather.
※For no fixed holiday, please contact me on a visit beforehand.
Make ... unexplored hot spring Yoshitsune; hot water ... of the growth
Trunk mound of Yoshitsune Minamoto who called it a third-ranking official forest (hangammori) in the mountain behind of the elementary school of the Kurikoma district from ancient times, and killed himself in Hiraizumi and five-ring tower and memorial service monument gaaririmasu which are done.
In 1999, a head of a company of kurikoma Zhuang became the Prince Yoshitsune meeting soul guide, and put a tomb for the war dead of Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa and the spirit of a dead person soil (spirit of a dead person soil) of the trunk mound of Kurihara-shi, Miyagi together and worshiped you and did chinrei as one spirit of a dead person after an interval of 810 years.
As the Kurikoma foot of a mountain displays national Yoshitsune legend history pictures from the start, because I can remember it while enjoying Prince Yoshitsune, Yoshitsune does it and is called hot water of the growth by kurikoma Zhuang.

Ingredients ... which has just finished being produced only in ... Kurikoma
It is the treasure house of edible wild plants, and Mount Kurikoma can fully thoroughly enjoy blessings of nature to be able to taste only mountain products, blessing of the clear stream, here including the char dish.

Specifically, it is this html

The menu which is recommended in the ranch

Original char bowl (tempura bowl)
※The enjoyment fast whole to a bone!
Step over; a bowl (wild boar meat)
※It is soft so as to be surprised!
It is this html about an accommodation plan

※[when, during a period, I come by car in winter]
Shinyu Onsen kurikoma Zhuang is a heavy snowfall place of 600m above sea level.
Please refer for a traffic condition before coming.
In addition, please make a reservation beforehand as you take you to and from from Kurikomaiwagasaki district when you want a courtesy car.
   Shinyu Onsen kurikoma Zhuang
 Address  Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Kurikoma Ko Numakura British east 95-2
 Access  ◆It is approximately 50 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Wakayagi Kanari IC
 ◆It is approximately 65 minutes by taxi from Tohoku Shinkansen Kurikoma-Kogen Station
  ※In the case of a guest, there are pickup and drop-off, too. (require reservation)
 Telephone  0228-46-2036
 FAX  0228-46-2037
 Holiday  Please inquire for no fixed holiday beforehand

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