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Information of Kurihara

Meal of Kurihara

Rice cake dish

A representative local meal of rice granary Kurihara. The feast which is indispensable on a celebration and "the day of the fine weather" including the turning point.


I bring about the side that a climate of Hanayama with the difference of the heat and cold is weak, and is full of fragrances. In the season of the new side, I can taste the side that is high in a fragrance in each place.

Char bowl

I provide the rice served in a bowl of each shop original in the char culture birthplace, Kurikoma district.

Hot spring 

"The Kurikoma five bath which there is at the Kurikoma foot of a mountain for a long time," a natural hot spring of the location preeminence including the one-day hot spring is rich in the city other than Hanayama Onsen.
hairuzamu Kurikoma
Outdoor bath
Hanayama Onsen warm water mountain cottage
Outdoor bath
Outdoor bath
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