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Kurihara sightseeing information - farm products ...

In spring

Edible wild plant

Ostrich fern, bud, udo of the cod, spring Mount Kurikoma including the Ms. are treasure houses of edible wild plants.


When it is strawberry image spring, strawberries including "Tochiotome" form a line in the direct sale place in the city. Please enjoy sweetness and the bittersweet fragrance that ripened fully.

In the summer


I can have the anthocyanin which an eyesight recovery effect is declared in-rich the blueberry as artefacts such as the jam other than omophagia deliciously.
The particularly raw blueberry can thoroughly enjoy refreshing taste.

The sky is diligent

Even if I bake it and eat, salt boiling deyasayagoto is delicious enough, but the cooking such as takikomi gohan or deep-fried food, the soup is recommended, too.

In autumn


wisteria, Tsugaru, various types of apples including the King forest are produced from September to December.


Representative autumn mountain products of Kurihara. The mushrooms of the abundant kind form a line in the direct sale places in autumn.

In winter

Japanese yam

Tenacity is strong-minded whether the Japanese yam which is the special product of the Hanayama district is full of flavors, and the nutritive value is an expensive natural food, too.
The comfortable natural environments of Kurihara are suitable for the growth of the Japanese yam and are cultivated with a low pesticide, an organic fertilizer.

Lotus root

Kurihara-shi is a production center of the northeastern eminent lotus root.
The lotus root of the Lake Wakayagi district Izu is fleshy, and nen ri mind is strong, and a unique flavor is a characteristic.

Whole year


The tomato which is cultivated in a house and the bare ground of the dining table color it.


The paprika brought up in the Natsuaki cultivation technology that kept the climate that is summer coolness of the Kurikoma Heights alive is fleshy and juicy, and there is the sweetness, too.

Burn shiitake, nameko, Mai

It is cultivated on a raw wood and bacteria floor and can taste it in whole year.
As for the shiitake in particular, it is in a main production place to account for approximately 40% of the prefecture amount of production, namekoha approximately 60%.


In Kurihara, "love at first sight" is a production center of rice such as "Sasanishiki".
In late years the artefacts using the rice flour increase, too.

Beef pork

The meat which is particular about feed including Wakayagi cow, kurikoma Chinese medicine Japanese beef, Miyagino pork, the Golden pork, and was bred is a gem of the Kurihara pride.


As for the char which grew with clean water of Mount Kurikoma origin, a grilling fish with salt or sashimi are simple, and it is recommended to have.
In addition, the artefacts such as the smoking are made, too.
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