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Natural ... four seasons ... of Kurihara

Spring photo

The piece figure which shines in Haruta
A form (piece figure) of the remaining snow such as the white horse.
It is a mark of the time of the rice-transplanting in the hometown.
World damp land (tree way)

The high-rise moor which opens to approximately 700 meters above sea level. The day lily of the alpine plant reaches in full bloom in the middle of June.

The giant skunk cabbage which is reflected in the surface of the water

A neat and clean flower is in full glory white.

At dark of the spring mountain village

A quiet rural scenery without the thing to block opens.

Summer photo

It is climbed a mountain in the summer

Sunday third in May is Mount Kurikoma of the mountain in summer difference. The plural courses including the center course become able to reach the summit.

Lake Izu, the inner marsh is Suma fishing

I put it together at the flowering time of the lotus in August and am held. I can enjoy a flower of a lot of surfaces of a lake on a small pleasure boat close.

Murder ichihakusanoshiatokoen; a garden

"I murder you and start a festival" in the middle of June.

The south kurikoma koharaichihaku lily garden (2020 close)

He/she softens the heart of the people who came with a beautiful flower and fragrance from mid-June through late July.

Autumn photo

A chestnut running through an ear of rice does not appear

The chestnut which became the abolished line regrettably did not appear, but the museum where a chestnut did not appear on April 1, 2017 made its grand opening and was maintained as "Kurihara rural district railroad park" including a lawn park and former Wakayagi Station where a chestnut did not appear.

The gorgeous clothing

Beauty as the face of the mountain is stained with brocade of the red yellow and is said to be "a carpet of God."

Winter photo

Migratory bird of Lake Izu, the inner marsh
Approximately 100,000 migratory birds come flying in Lake winter Izu, the inner marsh and winter.
Of cancer fly away

Lake Izu who was registered with Ramsar Convention, an inner marsh. The fluttering that cancer flies away is chosen as "100 selections of sound scenery of Japan".

Dried radish

The scenery under the eaves which I am about to consider to be winter. The preservation food that has been made from old days.

Dried persimmon

A winter pastime that gives poetic charm. The traditional skill that becomes generous in an astringent persimmon.

Meal of Kurihara

Rice cake dish

A representative local meal of rice granary Kurihara. The feast which is indispensable on a celebration and "the day of the fine weather" including the turning point.


I bring about the side that a climate of Hanayama with the difference of the heat and cold is weak, and is full of fragrances. In the season of the new side, I can taste the side that is high in a fragrance in each place.

Char bowl

I provide the rice served in a bowl of each shop original in the char culture birthplace, Kurikoma district.

Hot spring

Outdoor bath

"The Kurikoma five bath which there is at the Kurikoma foot of a mountain for a long time," a natural hot spring of the location preeminence including the hot spring one-day in the city is richness other than Hanayama Onsen

Outdoor bath
Outdoor bath
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