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History of Kurihara

Former Oshu Highway

Oshu Highway is the Japanese longest highway which spread out to three stables of Tsugaru Peninsula in the starting point in Edo Nihonbashi, and, as for now a lot of, it is at National highway No. 4.
Along Oshu Highway via Kurihara-shi, a historic spot reminding me of six post towns and those days including the Honjin trace is left in many places.

Modern culture industry inheritance group

The system that a country recognizes the local building or machine, document which contributed to the industrial modernization of Japan as "modern culture industry inheritance group."
"The Hosokura mine connection inheritance" of Kurihara-shi was authorized as Tohoku district eminent metal source of supply that contributed to the modernization of Japan alone in the prefecture.
Do you not visit the brightness of the town of the time when the mining industry was an industrial star and memory of the turnout?

Sendai feudal clan Hanayamamura cold bath watch place trace

sekishoshukyotaku of the four-foot gate which crossed the zelkova of one shaku corner only with a wedge in this place that was a barrier leading to Akita and the big two-storied house is the present.

It is unusually appointed nationwide on the historic spot of the country what barrier remains of an ancient structure remain in.

Kanari Historical Museum

A museum using old Kanari Elementary School school building of the tangible cultural property designation of the prefecture.

I can know the history and the culture of Kanari.

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