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Mount Kurikoma

Spring Mount Kurikoma to see from three Hazakawa

※I can look at the neighborhood of the lake side of the Iwate side of the Showa era.
※The Meteorological Agency website    
※The weather in Japan-like website

[Mount Kurikoma]

Mount Kurikoma (kurikomayama) which is the highest peak of Kurikoma Seminational Park is located in 1,626m above sea level, the center of the Tohoku district, and Mount Kurikoma over three prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate, Akita is konide-shaped volcano having the conically-shaped foot.
I am called the Queen of the Ou mountain range.
It is a superb view place full of the charm that many people visit through one year that to be known as Mt. 100 people of the flower, and the alpine plant of 150 kinds grows in colonies and has a mountain climbing course to be able to enjoy from Japan's leading mountains colored leaves, the virgin forest of the Japanese beech, an attractive hot spring and a mountain climbing beginner to a senior.
Kyuya Fukada who wrote "100 famous mountains in Japan" is the secret beautiful mountain which recollects saying "you should have put Komagatake, Akita and Mount Kurikoma in the Mt. 100 people in Tohoku" in the afterword.

Mountain climbing

There are nine mountain trails to be able to enjoy depending on experience from a mountain climbing guide person to an expert in Mount Kurikoma.
I can overlook Tsukiyama, Mount Chokai, Mount Zao, Mt. Komagatake, Mount Hayachine and the distance Pacific from the mountaintop of the day when it was fine.
There is much snow in the mountain trail, and opening of the mountaineering season often remains just after that, and, as for the slight mountain climbing experience including a beginner and the beginner, the center, east Kurikoma, Sugawa mountain trail are recommended. These three mountain trails can climb a mountain for a general mountaineer relatively safely for the longest period.
I introduce the summary of each course here.
★Center course
The shortest way to the mountaintop. The course is arranged in stone pavements and there are few black spots and is suitable for beginners. The mountain trail that comes by an up descent from a mountain relatively safely through the four seasons, and is most suitable as a refuge course

★East Kurikoma course
The mountain trail where is recommended for the beginner that charm of the mountain climbing was condensed in spite of being a short distance to be able to enjoy a comfortable ridgeline walk while looking at beautiful river trekking, magnificent Mount Kurikoma

★Yunohama course
Mountain trail of the quiet expert preference to be able to enjoy a beautiful mountain stream and a waterfall, an unexplored hot spring, the virgin forest of the Japanese beech, the high-rise moor full of alpine plants, the prospects of south Ou

★The course where a table takes it
The mountain trail from ancient times. Ishitobi eight village going back, a vast snowy valley of Omuro and a field of flowers where an alpine plant is in full glory, fine-view good ridgelines walk forest bathing, the mountain stream of the forest of the Japanese beech

★The course where the back takes it
It is the mountain climbing (descent from a mountain) way from ancient times with a table hook. There are few coming mountaineers, and an abundant alpine plant is attractive. The highlight of Geopark where the scratch of Iwate, the Miyagi inland earthquake is left untouched

★Earth forest course
The quiet mountain trail where features a day lily (day lily) of the world damp land, the earth forest where the huge tree of the Japanese beech spreads through, Omuro where an alpine plant is in full glory, the good ridgeline walk of the view close to the mountaintop
The course name
Starting point of a mountain climb
The standard time required
I stoop down, and a rock is flat
Approximately 3km
Approximately two hours
Beginner, family
I stoop down, and a rock is flat
Approximately 4km
Approximately two and a half hours
Beginner, intermediate person
National highway No. 398 Yubama Onsen entrance
Approximately 9km
Approximately six hours
Good walker
Former Ikoinomura ruins
Approximately 7km
Approximately six hours
Intermediate person, senior
Former Ikoinomura ruins
Approximately 5km
Approximately four hours
Good walker
World Yachihara flower arrangement garden parking lot
Approximately 7km
Approximately five hours
Intermediate person

View from the mountaintop

The north, the view of west direction

The view of southwestern direction

The view of northeast direction

In six mountain climbing courses of Mount Kurikoma (Kurihara-shi side), you came to be able to see a central course in Google street view.
The Google street view is one of the functions of the Google map which Google provides.
As I have you search it with "Mount Kurikoma" and shade it with a peg man of the lower right (yellow doll) on Google map, and a blue line is displayed, it is service to be able to have if look at scenery in a 360-degree panorama photograph when I have the top drop it.
As it is center course photographed in the season of autumn colored leaves, I can taste the feeling that I took a walk through with a feeling walking in colored leaves.

Nature, Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark

Eruption caution level of Mount Kurikoma

* Volcanic activity information of Mount Kurikoma
In Mount Kurikoma, "the eruption forecast" (normal) indicating volcanic activity being calm was announced on December 1, 2007 by the Meteorological Agency; after that the sign of the eruption is not accepted to date.
About the volcanic activity information of Mount Kurikoma, you can confirm it from the homepage of the following Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Meteorological Agency.
Mount Kurikoma is a treasure house of alpine plants along with Hayachine and Akita-Komagatake in the Tohoku district. Day lilies are in full glory, and, including the small Oze ke Hara world damp land abiogenesis flower garden that is also called it, the alpine plant that high-rise moors of trace ka Hara and Ryuusen ka Hara, Hara that do it, and writes Gane are various is the paradise of the loud musical accompaniment in full glory.
The beauty of colored leaves is said Japan's most and is proud of a Japanese outstanding superb view. A large number of people come from the whole country in around October from the end of September when it is in full bloom.
The huge tree (virgin forest) of the Japanese beech spreads on the hillside and is blessed with nature full of a moor, a gorge, the changes including wetlands, and a variety of animals and plants breathe.
There is the highlight with a summer alpine plant, autumn colored leaves, a winter snow scene from the spring fresh green throughout the year, and much excellent hot water and unexplored hot springs springing out at the foot of a mountain are loved by many people.
In addition, activities for the topography and the revival of the large-scale collapse places that I produced by Iwate, Miyagi inland earthquake of 2008 in September, 2015 were appreciated and were authorized in the Japan Geopark as "Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark".
About 800 square km of the whole Kurihara-shi to the plains where Mount Kurikoma (1,626 meters) reaches the Lake Izu as for the object of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark. Particularly, Mount Kurikoma becomes the geo-site that takes the core in that.
Kurihara-shi Geopark promotion room (Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark promotion meeting)
Kurikomamatsukura, Kurihara-shi, Miyagi east your ship 5 address ☎0228-24-8836
* Access to Mount Kurikoma (flat starting point of a mountain climb iwakagami)
◆By Tohoku Shinkansen
It is about 2 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo Station to Kurikoma-Kogen Station
It is about 47 kilometers, about one hour ten minutes by car from Kurikoma-Kogen Station
◆In Tohoku Expressway
It is about 40 kilometers, about one hour five minutes by car from the Wakayagi Kanari Interchange
It is about 45 kilometers, about one hour ten minutes by car from the Tsukidate Interchange
◆Service bus for a limited time
To (iwakagamidaira) which is a starting point of a mountain climb of Mount Kurikoma [a rock bends over it flat], a special service bus for a limited time which I put together at time and colored leaves time in the in full bloom of the day lily may run.
For more details, please confirm it after an inquiry at the following.
* Association of Kurihara-shi sightseeing product ☎0228-25-4166
The inquiry by the email from this
Look at the news such as event tour plans from this

* Miya Coe bus Tsukidate Office ☎0228-22-2250
Look at the Miya Coe bus homepage from this

Hot spring

hairuzamu Kurikoma

The details of hairuzamu Kurikoma are this

Shinyu Onsen kurikoma-so

The details of Shinyu Onsen kurikoma-so are this

I check this

World damp land

The details of the world damp land are this

Fukayama Makino

The details of Fukayama Makino are this

Wild Tozawa

The details of wild Tozawa are this

Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark visitor center

The details of the visitor center are this

It is the hall of the fish farm char a number again

The details of the hall of the fish farm char are this a number again

State of April 30, 2021 Mount Kurikoma

A rock stoops down, and flat no looks
Snow was left.
Rest house
I stoop down, and a rock is flat
From Fukayama Makino
A rock stoops down; flat kara

State of April 11, 2021 Mount Kurikoma

A skunk cabbage bloomed in the place where 250 meters of roads fell down from hairuzamu Kurikoma.

State of April 7, 2021 Mount Kurikoma

A skunk cabbage bloomed in the place where 250 meters of roads fell down from hairuzamu Kurikoma.
It is white and is beautiful.

State of October 13, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

State of October 9, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

State of October 7, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

State of October 3, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

State of October 2, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

It is the middle of the center course
It is the state of the center course
It is the east Kurikoma course
It is the point called the God carpet
The mountaintop looks nearby

State of September 30, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

State of the center course
Central course entrance
Near the mountaintop
Near the mountaintop

State of September 22, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

State of September 19, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

The neighborhood of central course mountain trail entrance
A leaf was yellowing.
It was autumn, and wind became cold.
Yellow became strong.
(state of the neighborhood of mountaintop)

State of September 17, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

There was the leaf which changed color, but green still showed a lot of the mountains.
Green still showed a lot of east Mount Kurikoma, too.

State of September 11, 2020 Mount Kurikoma

The neighborhood of central course entrance
There were many green leaves, but there was still the leaf which changed color.
I am turning into yellow.
There were yellow and the red leaf, but was green generally.
I do it near the mountaintop, but green is still outstanding.
State of the neighborhood of mountaintop
State at the mountaintop
State at the mountaintop

State of the morning of August 10, 2020

Cool wind blew and was easy to climb it (early in the morning)
The sky was lush green and healed fatigue.
The far-off one was clouded.

State of the morning of June 14, 2020

 Snow was left in the mountain trail (the east Kurikoma course)
 From east Mount Kurikoma
 I saw Mount Chokai.

State of the morning of May 30, 2020

 A white flower bloomed.
 The mountains are beautiful.
 I was blessed with weather.
Association of general Kurihara-shi sightseeing product
Sightseeing in Kurihara-shi business and industry sightseeing Heta garden section
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