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Vacation rental yamazaki

★It is vacation rental first in Miyagi ★ Accommodation "yamazaki" of the natural experience and disaster prevention discussion

Do you not spend seasonal time slowly?♪

The hotel charges (room without meals): The experience charges separately
More than a junior high student 3,000 yen/ (tax-included)
※Consultation younger than a primary schoolchild required

A business period: Always possible (180 days a year business)
A staying room: Two rooms (storehouse 12 tatami, 12-tatami Japanese-style room)
Number of people to stay: One room (one - around four)
Access: It is nine minutes by car from Kurikoma-Kogen Station (Tohoku Shinkansen). Pickup and drop-off are possible.
It is seven minutes by car from Nitta Station (JR Tohoku Main Line). Pickup and drop-off are possible.
Is a car than Miyagi prefecture north road Wakayagi south interchange; two minutes.
An experience:
Disaster prevention discussion, natural experience, crop experience, dissemination experience
Cooking, lotus root cooking with the making of pizza, vegetables having just finished being produced
After the joint cooking experience, I can try it.
Please consult about experience charges (500 yen - around 1,000 yen).
Proprietress Keiko Onodera
TEL 080-5554-7030
2, Yakawa in address Wakayanagishimohataoka, Kurihara-shi

Vacation rental yamazaki

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