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<< guidance of the order type plan trip >>

[made-to-order trip]
 The form of "the trip" to make a trip while hearing hope and the request of the customer with the order type plan trip.
 It is the structure which, so to speak, prepares for the plan of the "made-to-order" trip only for customers different from an offer type plan trip and the arrangement trip.
※Offer type plan trip…The trip of the package product which a travel agency planned.
※Arrangement type trip…The trip that a travel agency arranges traffic and the staying of the trip that a customer thought about.
[gradually interesting]
 I add it to the conventional trip such as the hot spring to buy to eat to see and take in "an experience" only by "learning" and Kurihara from "Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark" and.
 I provide a trip to gradually come by a living and the contact with the person who inherited culture ceaselessly brought up by nature and the agriculture only in the area.

<< flow until operation >>

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<< on the trip with the characteristic >>

I can plan the trip that included the geo-site of "the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark" and disaster prevention education and various "experience-based programs".
An evaluation utilizes a high example as a superior local approach and makes the made-to-order trip that kept a characteristic only by Kurihara alive.
Of the Geopark authorization in Japan
Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark
An approach that "the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark" educates a study and disaster prevention to convey Iwate, Miyagi inland earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake in history in 2008 and inflects for sightseeing. I observe a geo-site and the highlight to call for by the guidance of the geo-guide and I experience it and can do it. The plan to hear the introduction of the approach example of the Kurikoma foot of a mountain Geopark is possible.
Of 100 times a year of holding
A variety of experience-based programs
I can plan the plan that adopted a variety of experience-based programs that kurihara tourism network provides. The approach of the experience-based program wins "a 2015 good design prize" or "Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications 2015 depopulated area independence activation excellence example Prize". As the training, an example introduction and the workshop are possible, too.

<< the trip that does not come, for example, >>

An education trip and vacation rental, intern

I can plan a trip with the experience of the local living as main.
Let alone farmhouse vacation rental and the education trip of children, I can experience internship of the rural living of the university student, a local living including the guidance of the emigration applicant to the district and the industrial spot.

A group and company, administration, the measure training of the group

I adopt the introduction of the superior approach example in Kurihara-shi and can plan the training trip that included lunch and a hot spring, a visit, shopping. For the training trips of the inspection training, a company and the workplaces such as a group, administration and a meeting, various committees working on sightseeing, disaster prevention education and community improvement.

Plan (inbound) for overseas tourists

In Kurihara-shi, the rich food culture, traditional industry only in farm village scenery and the district to be able to say that it is original scenery of Japan breathe.
I cope with a trip plan of the inbound for overseas tourists.

Contribution to society business including CSR of the company

Mount Kurikoma of the quasi-national park, "Lake Izu, an inner marsh of the Ramsar Convention damp ground," contribution to society can plan objective business to contribute in rich nature including agriculture and the forestry and Kurihara-shi living together. A help to plan contribution to society business of kigyo* is possible.

Camp of sports and cultural activities

There are many physical education facilities and culture facilities in Kurihara-shi and, in environment among rich nature, devotes myself to sports at ease, and I concentrate on cultural activities, and there is it. Let alone staying, I can plan it including arrangement of a meal and the traffic.

Class reunion, various meetings and excursions

I travel in the groups such as the class reunion and same class society, and there is the trip plan that I included staying and a meal, the traffic such as a meeting or the society in. I can plan the excursion that included a meal and the experience only in the district as an optional tour.

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Privacy policy of association of sightseeing in Kurihara-shi product


It is a basic of the operation of our association association of sightseeing in Kurihara-shi product (the following, our association) handles the personal information (note) of the visitor appropriately, and to protect and thinks that it is a social duty. I establish a privacy policy as follows in our association and perform personal information protection based on this. (note), on a full name, the date of birth, can distinguish an authorized individual by other descriptions, and the personal information means (including the thing which can collate it with other information easily, and can thereby distinguish an authorized individual).

■I perform the appropriate collection, use of the personal information
When I collect personal information, I state a use purpose clearly beforehand and collect it by appropriate means. I use the personal information that I collected unless the agreement of the person is based on a certain case and laws and ordinances as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose.

■I carry out safety management
The personal information tries to keep it the correct and latest content and a leak, loss come and take rational safety management measures for prevention such as loss, the abuse. For employee and trust to deal with personal information, I perform necessary and appropriate supervision so that safety management of the personal information is planned.

■ I respect the right of the person
It supports disclosure, a correction, deletion, suspension of the personal information by the request from the person or the agent in all sincerity unless it is based on laws and ordinances. When it is not accepted disclosure, I notify you of so.

■ I do not perform offers to a third party in principle
As a general rule, I do not contribute personal information to the third party unless the agreement of the person is based on a certain case and laws and ordinances. But I may offer personal information to the public institutions in duties when it is necessary. When I provide it, I perform it after stating so clearly beforehand.

■ I perform the correspondence from the person to the complaint
About the complaint about the privacy policy, I give an appropriate and quick response in all sincerity.

■I try for the continuous improvement of the personal information protection system
I perform a review about the system and management premeditatedly so that personal information protection is carried out effectively and try for continuous improvement.

■I observe a 6 law of the personal information protection connection
I observe an applied personal information protection-related laws and ordinances and model.

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