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\\ food! Buy it! Use it! //

Local store support "a meal! Buy it! I consume it, is it toha?

There is the influence that sales decrease by the activity self-restraints associated with the new coronavirus infectious disease in restaurants.
In the city "a meal! Buy it! I began an approach to contribute to regional economy while consuming it, preventing the expansion of the infectious disease in o catch phrase.
This approach cooperates with the sales such as a restaurant and a retail store, the production farmhouse by using a meal and a take-out, the restaurant where there is the home delivery of cooked foods to citizen's all of you.
I would like understanding and cooperation by all means in the various places such as citizen's all of you or various groups, companies.
▶▶ List of restaurants ◀◀

Restaurant information in Kurihara-shi

A restaurant [is placing home delivery of cooked foods, the takeout information] in Kurihara-shi (October 8 date)

 [in the current registration shop 126 stores]
※Occasional update
※As the restaurant with the partial change is in business hours and the business contents from the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease spread prevention, please refer for every each store in detail.
※About the publication shop, I raise it at any time. Please send the information at the following!

Tsukidate district

Tsukidate district 1
Tsukidate district 2
Tsukidate district 3
Tsukidate district 4
Tsukidate district 5
Tsukidate district 6
Tsukidate district 7
Tsukidate district 8
Tsukidate district 9
Tsukidate district 10
Tsukidate district 11

Wakayagi district

Wakayagi district 1
Wakayagi district 2
Wakayagi district 3
Wakayagi district 4

Kurikoma district

Kurikoma district 1
Kurikoma district 2
Kurikoma district 3
Kurikoma district 4
Kurikoma district 5
Kurikoma district 6

Takashimizu district

Takashimizu district 1


ichihakujiku 1
ichihakujiku 2

Semine district

Semine district 1
Semine district 2

Bush warbler swamp district

Bush warbler swamp district 1

Kanari district

Kanari district 1
Kanari district 2
Kanari district 3
Kanari district 4

Shiwa princess district

Shiwa princess district 1
Shiwa princess district 2

Hanayama district

Hanayama district 1
Hanayama district 2

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Tsukidate district (44)


Wakayagi district (15)


Kurikoma district (21)


Takashimizu district (three)


ichihakujiku (six)


Semine district (six)


Bush warbler swamp district (one)


Kanari district (15)


Shiwa princess district (ten)


Hanayama district (five)


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