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Privacy policy of association of sightseeing in Kurihara-shi product


It is a basic of the operation of our association association of sightseeing in Kurihara-shi product (the following, our association) handles the personal information (note) of the visitor appropriately, and to protect and thinks that it is a social duty. I establish a privacy policy as follows in our association and perform personal information protection based on this. (note), on a full name, the date of birth, can distinguish an authorized individual by other descriptions, and the personal information means (including the thing which can collate it with other information easily, and can thereby distinguish an authorized individual).

■I perform the appropriate collection, use of the personal information
When I collect personal information, I state a use purpose clearly beforehand and collect it by appropriate means. I use the personal information that I collected unless the agreement of the person is based on a certain case and laws and ordinances as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose.

■I carry out safety management
The personal information tries to keep it the correct and latest content and a leak, loss come and take rational safety management measures for prevention such as loss, the abuse. For employee and trust to deal with personal information, I perform necessary and appropriate supervision so that safety management of the personal information is planned.

■ I respect the right of the person
It supports disclosure, a correction, deletion, suspension of the personal information by the request from the person or the agent in all sincerity unless it is based on laws and ordinances. When it is not accepted disclosure, I notify you of so.

■ I do not perform offers to a third party in principle
As a general rule, I do not contribute personal information to the third party unless the agreement of the person is based on a certain case and laws and ordinances. But I may offer personal information to the public institutions in duties when it is necessary. When I provide it, I perform it after stating so clearly beforehand.

■ I perform the correspondence from the person to the complaint
About the complaint about the privacy policy, I give an appropriate and quick response in all sincerity.

■I try for the continuous improvement of the personal information protection system
I perform a review about the system and management premeditatedly so that personal information protection is carried out effectively and try for continuous improvement.

■I observe a 6 law of the personal information protection connection
I observe an applied personal information protection-related laws and ordinances and model.

[charge windows such as an inquiry, a complaint about the personal information handling, other questions]

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