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Road map

Kurihara road map

 Aiming at revival of the tourism industry of Kurihara who received a blow under the influence of Iwate, Miyagi inland earthquake in 2008, I made tourist brochure "Kurihara road map" for drivers (March, 2013 issuance).
 To a map, it is full of sightseeing information of Kurihara including a restaurant, hot spring facilities, farm products direct sale place, sightseeing, event information, the service station information.
 Come to Kurihara to one hand in a map by all means.
 In addition, I can download it when "the Kurihara road map" clicks the following item (PDF file).

Road map (Kurihara-shi map, each local extended map)

General view [PDF file /7 .83MB]

General view


Division map 1 [PDF file /3 .58MB]

Division map 2 [PDF file /4MB]

Division map 3 [PDF file /4 .59MB]

Division map 4 [PDF file /5 .1MB]

Enlarged picture 5 [PDF file /2 .79MB]

Recommendation spot 6 [PDF file /7 .31MB]

Road map (restaurant, hot spring, direct sale place, sightseeing information)

The numbers such as restaurants support with a map.
※An apology and correction
"The road map" had an error. I apologize and correct it.


Item Mistakenly  Plus
 7 ramen Taketa
From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Hot spring
 3 Komanoyu Onsen
0228-45-1642 0228-46-2110

Restaurant 1-23 [PDF file /2 .23MB] (Tsukidate, Takashimizu)

Restaurant 24-43 [PDF file /2 .16MB] (Takashimizu, Semine, Princess Shiwa, Wakayagi)

Restaurant 44-65 [PDF file /2 .14MB] (Wakayagi, Kanari, Kurikoma)

Restaurant 66-86 [PDF file /2 .13MB] (Kurikoma, bush warbler swamp, Hanayama, ichihaku)

Hot spring, souvenir shop [PDF file /2 .68MB]

Direct sale place [PDF file /2 .03MB]

Access [PDF file /2 .22MB]



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