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Storehouse of farm soba Bo

The mountain ino area where the Hanayama district of Kurihara-shi has intense heat and cold difference of the night and day.
In this area, a side was cultivated from old days, and it was useful as a substitute meal at the time of bad harvest rice.
To the figures of the hearth where the smoke reaches in house of any place, soba is hung with a straw bag as "a gas (famine) wall", and it is said that it was saved.

The shop of "the storehouse of farm soba Bo" remodels the building which was a cowhouse adjacent to the home before and seemed to be made and is at all an atmospheric shop. It is some good old space calming down where the warmth of the tree including the big beam feeling the history is felt.

Originally it is a storehouse of Bo of the soba farmhouse.
I perform the flour milling in the stone mill from side cultivation consistently, and three noodle shops of the Hanayama district use this buckwheat flour.

 I am called the village of the unexplored hot spring Hanayama side and serious popularity is high and shows turnout day after day. 
In the storehouse of Bo, proud; to saw it, and to stand, and to have hit it, and enjoy it by length,
I take a reservation system.

I usually accept reservations from four people. But I can accept the reservation that is lower than four people when there are other reservations. At first please feel free to contact me.


The menu is one article of matching "mountain, river full-course meal of the flower" which a new local cooking "side dumpling" of Kurihara can eat only here including the side dish using seasonal ingredients and the local edible wild plant every season dish other than specialty soba. (only as for the mountain, the river full-course meal of the flower)
As for the buckwheat flour, 100% of Hanayama products, vegetables are particular about self cultivation and Kurihara product
, and all the edible wild plants are Hanayama products, too. And I offer local brew from a prefecture.

The storehouse "mountain, river full-course meal of the flower" of farm soba Bo ※It is an example
To a small dish, is with herring pickles; and a winding egg,
Vinegared food light as for the small bowl using the ingredients of the season.
The local cooking that Kurihara-shi is new as for the side dumpling. It is taste to sink into zo ritatenoattakaisobadangoha, a body.
Smoke with one of the brackens pickles; the sampler which is soaked in pickled radish, vegetables noasa.
"The guard station tofu" which I made using a spring of Hanayama and the proud side where has just finished sawing it, and standing, and hitting it.
The rather thin side having just finished boiling it is full, and a throat has good going highly and seems to be good plenty.
The dessert offering the side is belonging to it until the last including the bavarois of a mousse and the side of the side.
※A chiffon cake of the storehouse specially made buckwheat flour of Bo is dessert of the reputation, too. If you like, please tell me at the time of a reservation.

Most of the calibers of the course dish use the ceramic ware of a pottery, the abbot kiln (zasugama) of Hanayama.
It matches the atmosphere of the shop, and please enjoy the wonderful caliber in accord with a dish.

   Storehouse of farm soba Bo
 The location  Kurihara-shi, Miyagi Hanayama character Motosawa Ota 7-1
 TEL  0228-56-2777 (require reservation)
 FAX  0228-56-2777
 Business outline  Soba farmhouse restaurant
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