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I sense the charm of Lake maenokatsumisan Izu, the inner marsh bodily

It is worked on shooting to perform "bodily sensation" of a world heritage and natural scenery from maenokatsumisanha, Japan to all parts of the world. In addition, photograph classroom and shooting society, the photo exhibition in foreign countries are held.
I had you photograph Lake maenokatsumisanni Izu, an inner marsh!
Please see a work and comment!

I photograph it under the theme of "bodily sensation" thing doing everywhere in the world. I talk with local people to sense it bodily and do shopping locally in a market or a supermarket, and local various places eat at a gathering place.
The act "taking" is because I think that I leave the scenery that I considered from the window of the heart as a result of own thought.

In Kurihara-shi, Miyagi visited this time, a Geopark and the sanctuary center which could enter it free were substantial at all, and it was revealed whether there was how the land and was moved by the strictness of natural environments and the various places that lived a life there and I learned and heard the creature which lived there and took stimulation and the impression that there was many it in oneself and was able to keep it alive every shooting. I appreciated that I was able to update a thought called me many times and was thanks.

I was able to photograph the fantastic morning sun which rose with the life and death of the lotus not to be able to readily meet and the divine figure to the fog which it was easy to have because rural district and play Suichi spread at the particularly normal age this time. I made a preliminary inspection of the marsh beforehand and predicted it because you were able to start a boat from an early morning and was able to photograph it while letting the body melt into it naturally, and raising the impression.

Because it is "today's now here", please see the work group which I was able to photograph by all means.

I heard that a lotus was buried in water without the water level of the marsh falling because of the long rain unlike whole year, but went for shooting with pleasure this year because it was a photographer that what I could take on seeing the thing which I could not usually see felt that there was value.

As a result, I was impressed by the figure which lived hard, and was going to bloom of the lotus, beauty of the coming near scattering, the figure which but became fun filled with sorrow that spun life even if I already died probably because of this age and have photographed it while calling out when I tried it hard many times.

In addition, it was just filled with fog and continued pressing the shutter like a machine gun while it was only touched by the superb view when the morning sun came from the foggy other side for just several minutes.

The sightseeing section who started a ship from an early morning, everyone, that cooperated with shooting thanks you heartily. Thank you. As I photographed about 4,000 pieces, rearranging does not catch up with it and at first improves the figure living hard of the lotus.

Probably many people imagine it when looked forward to going to see that a flower blooms. But I prayed eagerly by having photographed it in the middle of a heavy rain, a corona evil when I wanted importance and preciousness, beauty, the splendor of living on seeing the figure of the lotus which sometimes felt sermon of Buddha to feel.

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